About Us

Where does our drinking water come from?

We purchase our water from Bell County  WCID #1.  Our drinking water comes from Lake Belton, a surface water supply.  The purpose of the lake is flood control and conservation (water supply).

The District also owns and operates a wastewater treatment facility with a total capacity of 675 thousand gallons per day which serves the Nolanville area.

Utility Bills.

Water meters are read around the 18th – the 20th of every month and bills are mailed to customers at the end of every month.  Water/Sewer/Trash Bills are due on the 10th of every month. Customers then have 10 days to pay their water bill and are responsible for the timely payment of the account, regardless of whether the bill is received or not.  If the bill is not paid by the due date, a penalty of $10.00 is applied to the account.  Water service will be disconnected if the payment is not received in full by the extended due date, which is the 15th of every month.  If the water is disconnected for non-pay there will be a fee of $25.00 to reconnect service.  There will be a $50.00 after hours reconnect fee for services reconnected after 5:00 p.m. and on weekends.  If the water is disconnected for non-pay and the meter is turned on by someone other than a Bell County WCID #3 employee, there will be an additional fee of $50.00 for tampering for the first offense, and an additional $50.00 for each subsequent offense. Once proper payment is made for the non-pay disconnect, please wait for a Bell County WCID #3 employee to restore services.

Payment Options.

Payments are accepted in the following manner:

  • In person at the office at 303 N. Main, Nolanville – either inside the office or by utilizing the drive-thru window.
  • Online at wcid3.com ( a $2.95 fee will apply)
  • By calling 254-698-6885 (credit cards only & a $2.25 fee will apply)
  • By calling 254-393-3008 ( a $2.95 fee will apply)
  • 24 Hour drop box – Please attach your check or money order to your bill stub or place together in an envelope to ensure proper credit. If you do not have your bill, please make sure your account # and address is listed on the form of payment.
  • By Auto-Draft out of a checking/savings account. This is a free service. A form, which you can pick up at the office,  will need to be filled out in order to set up the auto-draft.
  • By Auto-Pay online @ wcid3.com ( a $2.95 fee will apply every time a payment is made)
  •  We accept cash, checks, money orders, credit  and debit cards. There is a $2.25 fee for credit/debit card payments made at the office.

Create a online account at wcid3.com. The customer account # and the mailing zip code will be required to sign up for an account.  By visiting our online bill pay website you can make a payment and view your bill.  You may also set up for auto-pay through the online website. There is a $2.95 fee to use our online bill pay service.  Save yourself a trip to the mailbox.  It’s fast and convenient.  Payments are posted at 10 a.m. the next business day.

Water/Sewer Rates




Base Rate:   0-5000 gallons usage                                            $30.70

Additional cost per 1000 gallons used above the 5000 gallons included in the minimum bill:

5001-15,000 gallons usage                      $2.75 per 1000 gallons

15,001-25,000 gallons usage                   $3.50 per 1000 gallons

25,001-50,000 gallons usage                   $6.25 per 1000 gallons

50,001-400,000 gallons usage                 $6.75 per 1000 gallons

400,001 plus gallons usage                     $7.25  per 1000 gallons


Base Rate:                                                                                       $27.00 (Flat Rate)



Base Rate: 0-5000 gallons usage                                                $40.25

Additional cost per 1000 gallons apply using same fees as above


Base Rate:                                                                                       $35.50 (Flat Rate)

Water Line Locates.

The Water District only locates water mains. The District participates in the 811 Call Before You Dig Program.  For water line locates on your property(from your meter to your house), you will need to contact a plumber.

Low Water Pressure Problems.

There are a number of causes of low water pressure.  Please call the Water Department at the number below, and we will be happy to attempt to isolate the source of your low water pressure problem.  During normal business hours call (254) 698-6885.  After hours call 394-6882.